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A profile of Tourism Development in Kerala Abstract Kerala is a remarkable blend of varied natural beauty and attractions for the tourists. As a veritable treasure trove of art and culture, Kerala has a diversity of attractions to offer to the tourists. Realising the vast potentials of tourism industry for creation of new jobs and providing stimulus to economic growth, tourism is viewed as an important instrument for sustainable human development. In Kerala, it has enormous growth potential and is a “bread and butter” industry. Consequently, the state has taken this sector seriously. Thus tourism is one of the most striking phenomena of the present times and it offers man an opportunity to learn, to enrich humanity and to identify what may…show more content…
Today tourism is an important phenomenon. It helps man to find out new things which they are not experienced yet and enhance his life. These travelling of the man from one place to another include pleasure trips, business trips, pilgrimage, educational purpose etc. It has a capacity to transform certain apparently economically useless goods or services into marketable attractions. Such goods and services may include cultural, natural and social assets of the society. Tourism is largely responsible for the transfer of wealth from one nation to another and redistribution of income, leading to a gross increase in wealth or income to the lower community of the tourism region. The degree of benefit from tourism largely depends upon the level of self sufficiency of the economy of the hosting region. The infusion of new wealth through overseas visitors is equivalent to the export earnings from any other international trade. Tourism can earn not only foreign exchange but also a lot of government revenue by way of taxes. It generates mostly indirect taxes for the…show more content…
In India tourism industry contributes significantly to the national GDP and provides employment to number of people. It accounts for about 8.23% to the national GDP and 8.78% of the total employment. It is the second largest foreign exchange earner of the country. The outstanding world heritage sites, monuments, forts, scenic beauty beaches, hill stations, evergreen forests, mountain ranges, rivers, wild life, diverse and rich culture etc. have placed India in an advantageous position. She attracts many foreign tourists especially from the countries like UK, USA, Sri Lanka, France, Germany, Canada, Japan, Australia and

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