Tourism In English Case Study

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IMPACTS OF TOURISM IN HIMACHAL PRADESH – A CASE STUDY OF DHARAMSHALA AND SHIMLA DR. SUNIL KUMAR Himalayan Voyages Destination Management and Synergy IAS Study Circle, Shimla Himachal Pradesh Abstract: This paper studies the impact of tourism in Dharamshala and Shimla areas of Himachal Pradesh. Tourism is widely recognized as a potential base, engine of growth that may improve quality of life as well as standard of living of the people. Tourism has both negative as well as positive impacts. The positive impacts development includes employment generation, tax revenues, preservation of natural and cultural attractions and outdoor recreational…show more content…
In the present study data was collected from the local community of the study area and then carefully analysed. It was found from the analysis that negative impacts of tourism development exceeded the positive impacts in Dharamshala and Shimla. Key words: Impacts, positive, negative, exceeded etc. INTRODUCTION Tourism Development and its Impact: The growth of global mass tourism including Indian Tourism creates both benefits and debenefits for the most of the countries. It generates not only economic growth and raises the income of individuals and Nations, but it also creates many adverse impacts on host societies and their environment. These impacts can be classified as economic, social and physical impacts of tourism. William (1979) defined three categories of impacts: Economic, social and Environmental/Physical. Economic impacts largely identified by researchers include perceived personal and regional benefits that contribute to income and standard of living, increased employment opportunities, increase in tax revenues and increase in real estate. Pizan (1978) identified six major categories of social and culture impacts. Impacts in population structure, transformation of forms and type of occupations, Influence on traditional lifestyle, modification of consumption pattern etc. The possible
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