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The hospitality is a vast service industry that offers a variety of services that includes; event planning, lodging, transportation, themes parks and cruise lines. Most of well-established hospitality divisions are equipped with variety of departments such as marketing, management human resource, direct operation and procurement. Direct operation department is involved with activities such as housekeeping, serving, kitchen works and bar tendering.
Hospitality industry remains to be one of the best careers worldwide. Dubai is one of the best tourist destinations. It has been rated to be one of the best countries to offer hospitality facilities. Dubai’s vibrant hospitality industry has continued to outshine the other countries recording high growth in all major sectors. In 2013, increase in the hotel rooms resulted to a major influx of tourist from all over the globe. The flight industry, which is part of the hospitality sector, recorded 15% increase in passengers compared to 2012. That is, 10 million more passengers. As a result, this industry boosted the economy of Dubai, increased job opportunities and global recognition. Its location favors the hospitality industry. The occupation of the country has doubled since hospitality thrived.
There a variety of reasons as to why hospitality has maintained and retained its supremacy both for a county and for individuals. Hospitality jobs are great and enjoyable. Hence, many individuals pursue careers related to this field. One of the reasons that make it an exceptional career is that it is opens doors for people to the world. People get to know more of the world and what it involves. It is through hospitality that one is exposed to the rest of the world, gets to know more of other...

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...or medial certificates, 2 passport sized photos and the 3 photocopies of the labor card.

Other important requirements needed when applying for a hospitality job in Dubai is; education experience and exposure. Education matters a lot since jobs in Dubai are graded with respect to the applicant’s level of education. A well learned applicant will easily get a good paying job in the hospitality sector as opposed to one who is not well educated. It will also elevate the position of the applicant in the hospitality sector to managerial. Experience and exposure of the applicant will position the applicant to a better position in the hospitality industry. This is because the experience and exposure obtained in the previous company would be of much help to the current job of the applicant. Therefore, when considering working abroad the above requirements must be considered
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