Touch, The Art Of Touch

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Introduction Massage, the art of touch is as old as the civilisation and time itself. Since the moment of our birth and the first breath of air, we begin to explore the environment that surrounds us with help of touch. All animals, including us need to respond to any changes in our immediate environment. Over the course of evolution we have developed sensory structures that are tailored to respond to distinct types of sensory stimuli: light, sound, smell, touch and taste. Evolutionary, touch has been suggested as an inherent reward important for reproduction and survival (Grabenhorst and Rolls, 2011). As newborns, our first contact with mother sets off cascades of hormones in our bodies that benefit our health and help us regulate our body temperature. Mother's touch lowers the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in our bodies, leading to improved sleeping patterns and creates a tendency to be less fearful or inhibited later in life. Furthermore, the bonding hormone oxytocin peaks during physical contact between us and our parents, which increases the feeling of attachment between members of the new family. It is no secret that our bodies are very sensitive to touch and different touches in various areas of the body initiate various responses from different systems in our body and changes our emotional state by causing excitement, relaxation, panic, peace etc. Since touch is considered to be so important from both evolutionary and developmental perspectives, it is not surprising that it may also be important in health care. In the late 1800s Florence Nightingale recommended massage in the care of patients, and during that era, it was considered an effective treatment for many of the diseases and conditions for which it may b... ... middle of paper ... ...coming more technologically advanced and knowledgeable and adapting to lifestyles in urban environments, we still haven't lost our drive, our primal instincts that often calls us back to return to our roots in order to preserve our lives, environment of the planet and the peace of mind which is necessary for us when the stress of 21st century and emotions can be overwhelming. In order for us not to succumb when the stress or disease exhausts us, we need a therapy which can restore the harmony not only in the physical systems of our body but also in our minds. Our minds and emotions play a critical role in maintaining a good health. Hippocrates emphasized that balance of mind, body and environment is necessary. So in this report I've chosen to analyse Shiatsu due to its spiritual side as well as the physical and the study of the vital energies that are within us.
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