Totalitarian Government Essay

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A government that controls every aspect of life is known as a totalitarian government. The Nazi regime in Germany is a prime example of a totalitarian government. However, even a government that has an abundance of power and influence often fails, just as the Nazi regime failed in the early nineteen hundreds. In addition, if or when this type of government determines social class and manipulates the language simultaneously, it can truly pose a great threat to the future population and their society. In 1984, George Orwell showcases the threat of a dystopian future to warn the readers that society is looming towards a dystopian future if accompanied by the creation and implementation of a totalitarian government, and a government that determines…show more content…
In order to commit a crime against the Inner Party or Nazi government, he or she must (1) have the knowledge of what is actually going on in the society, and (2) know that what is going on is corrupt. In the novel, the Inner Party has been rewriting history to match what they want everyone to believe, just as the Nazi regime brainwashed children through the use of propaganda, so that from the start, neither the inhabitants of Oceania nor the inhabitants of Germany could question the government. However, the main character in the novel, Winston Smith, first realized the rewriting of history as being corrupt when he noticed that three men: Jones, Aaronson, and Rutherford were forced to give a false confession of treason, stating that they were giving military secrets in another country, when in actuality there was “concrete, unmistakable evidence of an act of falsification”. Furthermore, Winston held the photo of the three men “for as long as thirty seconds”, which was published in a newspaper at the time they were accused, and this questioning of the government ultimately became his downfall (Orwell 75). Moreover, during the Nazi regime there were numerous people who questioned the government and met the same fate as Winston, still this is not where the totalitarian power seems to…show more content…
The propaganda used on children to brainwash them to “instill a love” upon the Nazi regime, is a direct correlation to the novel, in that, there were junior spies who were also children, but children that were trained to catch anyone that committed a thought crime (Grobman). In the novel, the Parson’s family, consisted of a typical household: husband, wife, and two children; however, there is one distinct contrast to the typical family in today’s society. The children are as aforementioned junior spies, and they spy on everyone, even their own parents. Unfortunately for Winston, the children shriek, “Traitor!” and “Thought-criminal!” as they are spying on him, which would later be his ultimate demise (Orwell 23). Similarly, young children at the time of the Nazi regime, were around all kinds of propaganda filled arts such as music, radio, theatre, films, and more to instill the love of the Nazi Party to the point where it was second nature to them. Also, in Hitler’s Book, Mein Kampf (1926), he spread racism, anti-Semitism, and anti-Bolshevism, which was the first method he applied to advocate his use of propaganda (United States Holocaust Memorial
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