Tostitos - Original Restaurant Style

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Tostitos – Original Restaurant Style
When researching the favorite snack foods in the U.S., potato chips pop-up in almost every survey as the top 10 snack food of choice for Americans. According to Forbes, Frito-Lay is ranked number 40 out of 100 as the world’s most valuable brand names with $11.1 billion in sales as of November 2013. With over 80 years of service, Frito-Lay manufactures and distributes several different types of brand name chips such as the Lay’s, Doritos, Tostitos, Cheetos, Fritos, and Sun Chips. The Tostitos brand is Frito-Lay’s third best selling chip. In early 1980’s, the Tostitos chip was introduce the American population. When you think of party or fiesta, Frito-Lay wants you think of Tostitos.
Core Benefits
On Frito-Lay’s website, the Tostitos’ core benefit is that they are made for dipping. The chip is design for ease of scooping up your favorite dip. Whether you are having a super bowl party or just a few friends over the house, the Tostitos is a must have chip to compliment all your dips of choice including chili con queso, salsa, black bean dip, or guacamole. Other benefits include the delicious taste and crisp texture. The taste of the chip remarks favorably with just about any of your favorite dips or by themselves. The texture of the corn is fresh and has a fantastic crunch.
Customer Needs
The Tostitos fulfills their customers’ needs in many different ways. Customers who crave a salty snack can rely on Tostitos to savor that taste bud. When you have your favorite spicy dip or homemade salsa, Tostitos is there to save the day by using the chip as a utensil for dipping. If you are in the mood for a quick dinner, homemade nachos can fix the appetite of most people. The taste of the ...

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... each retail partner location, a front line sales member knows how to inspect the chips in the rack and determine if the package meets the standard of Frito-Lay. That member has the authority to issue credit back to the store if the bag of Tostitos chips do not meet the standard.
The core values that are thought throughout the employee chain of Frito Lay allows for Tostitos to be the best corn tortilla on the market. The freshness, all natural flavor, and crispy chip are the best product for customers to use with their dips for the party events or special occasion. Also, the chip is great for a quick snack that quinces the appetite. The next time you plan your party event, make sure you grab the exciting bag of Tostitos Original Restaurant Style.

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