Torture at Abu Ghraib

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From the mid fourteenth century to the end of the eighteenth century torture was an accepted practise by armies, judicial systems and even churches Public opinion changed in the nineteenth century, but torture continued to be carried out. Torture can be explained to be the inflicting of pain upon individuals for the means of a coercive interrogation technique. As the idea of torture in the 21st century may seem absurd due to the existence of human rights and organizations such the United Nations assuring that all humans are dealt with in a humane manner, the reality is that such cruel crimes do exist. The events that occurred within Abu Ghraib jail are representative of modern torture which does not stop at bodily harm but continues to torture the mind and soul of the victims through photography. Upon analyzing two works relating to the issue of torture and photography their perceptive on the issue is clear. Dauphinee's paper: The Politics of the Body in Pain, questions the logic of imaging of pain, which obliterates the human subject whose world has already been done by the extreme experience. Whereas, Hersh's essay Torture at Abu Ghraib, is more illustrative and details the experiences of the prisoners, all the while suggesting that Abu Ghraib torturers did not act on their initiative but were encouraged to commit torture by their superior officers and by the effects of their social environment. However, both works are subjected to scrutiny as neither addresses the issue in a serious manner nor do they address long term consequences or future preventative methods. A reoccurring theme of American supremacy is evident throughout both articles, as both attempt to use the usage of torture and photography, in totality the exploitation of Iraqi civilian in the hands of Americans is justified, as they believe it would result in the greater good. Furthermore, both articles attempt to bring light to the issue, in a manipulative manner in which ignorance to subject is apparent.

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