Tort Law for Damages Practiced in Civil Law

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Tort Law

Tort Law has been a Civil Law practiced and used since the beginning of Law, after mankind first discovered what was right and what was wrong. It is a private or civil wrong for which damages may be removed and involves; falls at work, work vehicles, and nuisances. It’s a civil law that can be recognized for a law suit. It has a wide range of provisions and can range from negligence, purposeful, and ethics. Among the types of damages the injured party may recover are: loss of earnings capacity, pain and suffering, and reasonable medical expenses. They include both present and future expected losses (University). For example, a piece of machinery that is neglected, not maintained, can break down while a worker is using it and remove the worker’s finger. Depending on the circumstances of the company the worker can sue under the Tort Law. Negligence according to research taken from Legal Information, which contains information and definitions about Tort Law and what constitutes Tort law; is failure to exercise reasonable care. It is to behave carelessly forgetting or deciding not to do certain things whether it was meaningfully or forgetfulness. Aside from negligence doing or not doing something purposefully can also result id suing under Tort Law.

Ethics is defined in the book as principles’ that determine the morality of conduct, its motives, and its duties (Ashcroft, 2008). It also states that everyone has opinions basing what behaviors are right and what behaviors are wrong. People base these ethical judgments on personal values. “We develop our values from our religious beliefs, our experience, our cultural background, and our scientific knowledge. Because people have differing backgrounds, our judgments as to wh...

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...Law and for good reason. I believe that if someone is at a grocery store and they are walking up and down isles and while going down one isle they slip and fall and break their leg they have the right to sue. There are so many regulations companies use because of these problems. This is why they make wet floor signs and watch over isles. When it comes to someone suing another out of personal vendetta, which is where the law should draw the line. The problem with this is utmost proof. Someone who can afford a good lawyer is usually the one who wins, and we know this. To conclude my opinion before I continue to babble, I do agree with Tort Law and all the provisions behind it. In this enormous world there will always be people who enjoy cheating the law system. I believe in doing what’s right and that is what the law was created for as well as regulation of society.

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