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There are different types of tornadoes, not only the ones on land. These types of tornadoes are non-supercell tornadoes, and they don’t necessarily need a storm or a cloud to be born. Only on extremely rare occasions do they form from storms. These types of tornadoes are really rare. Waterspouts are an example of one. Waterspouts form on water, and are not from a supercell cloud; instead they form from a cumuliform cloud. Waterspouts are always on water, and they aren’t as powerful as regular tornadoes. The ocean will bubble and send out waves as the waterspout travels. They are a threat to small boats, but they will not grow any stronger than that. These tornadoes usually form on land first, and then move to the water to become a water spout. They also have condensation funnel just like a regular tornado. There are two types of waterspouts: Non-tornadic waterspout and a tornadic waterspout. A non-tornadic waterspout does no develop from a thunderstorm cloud and usually lasts between 15-20 minutes. They are an EF0 on the EF scale, and are the most common type of waterspout. Tornadic waterspouts forms on water and have similar patterns to tornadoes on land. These waterspouts are not very common. Landspouts are similar to waterspouts except they form on land. They are narrow funnels that resemble a rope-like structure. They are generally formed in dry regions and are not associated with a mesocyclone. They are small and weak, although, some landspouts have caused a considerable amount of damage and lasted longer than 15 minutes. Not all landspouts are visible unless they are filled with condensation, debris, and dust. Dust Devils are another type of non-supercell tornadoes. These tornadoes form from the ground up, instead from the... ... middle of paper ... ...ts of making these deadly tornadoes. Dry air forces the moist air upwards the moist air cools below its dew point ant condenses. This fuels the energy that makes supercells, and then creates tornadoes. Tornadoes are a part of God’s creation, and it cannot be avoided. They have happened on each continent except for Antarctica, and have heaved their destruction on the earth for thousands of years. There have been tornadoes happening recently in Tornado Alley, and the destruction was great. In 2013, a tornado had hit Oklahoma and had trapped students inside a school. Tornadoes aren’t going to just disappear anytime soon. The best we can do is try to protect ourselves from them. Hopefully, in the future, scientist will be able to figure out when and where tornadoes are going to happen. But, now, all we can do is pray and trust in God for good outcomes in the future.

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