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A tornado is a very complex and complicated type of outdoor vacuum. The various types of tornadoes are caused when a great size of particles become part of cloud and start releasing heat rapidly which makes it rise and create a vacuum underneath it. The air that quickly goes into the vacuum creates the center of the tornado or the tornadoes vortex. Then when the air temperature changes it causes a sudden drop in the air pressure. When the heat is being released in the vacuum it causes precipitation. The rain released is equal to the amount of heat absorbed. Tornadoes come in a very vast variety sizes and shapes. The most common shape of a large tornado is the shape of a funnel. This type of tornado funnel is called a condensation funnel. The narrow end of the tornadoes funnel touches the ground of the great big earth. These funnels are normally surrounded by many different kinds and sizes of objects. These objects that are in the dust cloud which surrounds a tornado include various types of debris and dust. The debris that are located in a tornado are mostly composed of household objects. The debris also includes tree limbs and parts of bushes. The speeds of a tornado can reach wind speeds that can be considered very intense. These intense temperatures that are located in a tornado can reach speeds between 40 mph and 110 mph. Tornadoes travel a few miles generally before they calm down and the pressure is not exact and the tornado just turns to a high speed. Tornadoes reach an average size of 250 feet across. These are average tornadoes. Extreme tornadoes can reach speeds between 300 miles per hour and 400 miles per hour and the extreme tornadoes can reach a width of more than a mile across and the extreme tornadoes can st... ... middle of paper ... ... issued you should immediately go to your safe room. Works Cited "The Cause of Tornadoes." Science Is Broken. Carbon Dioxide, Energy Misdefined, Prions, Relativity and Big Bang Promote Agendas. Web. 13 May 2010. . "Fujita Scale." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 13 May 2010. . "Tornado Alley." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 13 May 2010. . "Tornado." American Red Cross. Web. 13 May 2010. . "Tornado." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 13 May 2010. . "" News, Travel, Weather, Entertainment, Sports, Technology, U.S. & World - Web. 13 May 2010. .

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