Top Reasons Why Our Body Needs Supplements

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Top reasons why our body needs supplements There are good reasons why your doctor prescribes supplements for you to take every day. Extra vitamins and minerals may be needed by your body for certain conditions, like sickness or during stress. In addition, there are certain supplements that can help you maintain your body in top shape and in an optimal state of health. Read more below. Supplements support optimum growth Kids, teenagers and very young adults are still growing and it continues until their early twenties. Human growth requires a great deal of vitamins and minerals for it to continue without interruption. A steady supply of nutrients is important, and this can be ensured by taking supplements. Some important supplements for growth include vitamin D and the minerals magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. Pregnant mothers have growing babies inside their wombs, which is why they must take supplements as well. Some highly recommended supplements for pregnant mothers include folic acid, iron, vitamin D and calcium. Supplements may help you reduce susceptibility to illness If...

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