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Top 10 Commercials


We are said to spend two years of our lifetime watching commercials on television. If we spend that much time on watching something, that something better be very good and worthwhile. The video Top 10 Commercials ranks ten America’s favorite commercials of all time based on the commercial’s creativity, originality, inventiveness and style. Commercial clips are one genre of art form with a very different objective from any other art—to sell goods. These commercials are very successful achieving their AIDA, and they do so in various forms; the commercial clips amused me very much, and they just did what they are supposed to on me.

Video Contents— Categorizing the ranked commercials
It was a very interesting learning experience to see how different commercials have different ways of achieving the same goal of “selling”—some of them spot their target market and focused only on the TM, where others may want to be “catchy” to any potential viewers or to be a pure attention grabber.

Commercials Focused on Their TM

Bartles and Jaymes Wine Cooler commercial and Life Cereal commercial can be categorized in this type. Mr. Bartles speaks in Southern accent in a very calm tone and tells us how their wine cooler can be so soothing after working hard for a day with his non-speaking buddy Mr. Jaymes. This commercial intentionally picked these two Mid West guys to represent the product for its TM to relate to these men—very genuine, somebody just like themselves. Life Cereal had overlooked who its real target market was until the company realized that the children were the ones who eat the product. Again, Life Cereal also used characters the TM children would relate to in the commercial, and let them speak their “own language” just like Bartles and Jaymes spoke good old American Southern English—“Mikey likes it!”

The Noxzema Shaving Cream can be also sorted into this category, as well as being a great attention-getter, because the woman is not “seducing” the wives or the girlfriends who have to buy shaving cream for their men, but the user themselves. She wanted men in America to “take it all off”, and the guys didn’t feel too bad about it either.
“Catchy, Catchy, What a Cutie Speedy is!”

Jingle, characters and animated icons and catch phrases make the commercials stick to consumers’ heads and they keep doing their jobs outside of their airtime.

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