Too Soon to Tell: An Examination of the ‘Arab Spring’ and its Impact on Israel

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Ever since 2010, the world's eyes have been zoomed in on the Middle East, as upheavals of corrupt dictatorships have spread all the way from the streets of Tunisia to the entire Arab world. Israel, as the only democracy in the area, has very delicate relationships with many of the countries involved.
With the Muslim Brotherhood coming into power in Egypt, the possibility of the decades long treaty with Israel coming to a violent end is more threatening than ever. This leads us to consider the danger of other ideologically like-minded groups continuing to surround Israel.
On the surface, it may seem as if the Arab Spring is very bad news for Israel, but perhaps the new leadership in the Middle East could lead to more rational democratic government and longterm peace in the area. Therefore, it is important to look at the situation from multiple lenses as it unfolds every day in order to best predict the long term effects.
Before exploring the stipulations, both positive and negative, that the Arab Spring will have on Israel, it is crucial to examine the root causes and main events.
Long before the mobs, riots and uprising, there was a deep feeling of discontent within the population of many Arab countries. Severely corrupt governments over the past 3 decades had lead to extremely high unemployment rates and wage gaps between the wealthy and powerful and the dirt poor. Unjust legal systems, unable to protect innocent civilians, is a main factor that prevented any previous uprisings against these detrimental dictatorships. Combined with almost nonexistent education systems, this was a recipe for disaster in the region. Millions of people were trapped in a bureaucratic system with no hope of a healthy future.1
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