Too Much Homework Essay

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Too Much Homework
Homework in schools today has become an everyday normal for students. Teachers now hand out homework for every course possible, leaving students with heaps of homework to accomplish. The growing concern of education has caused an even greater increase in the amount of homework given to students. The concern has many questioning whether too much homework is being given, and how the excess amount of homework is impacting the development of students. Though some might say that homework is a good way to build responsibility, too much homework is impacting a student’s development in a negative way as they become more distant from others, began to cheat, and have a greater chance of developing health related problems because of stress.
Recent studies have shown that students develop less social skills because most of their time is spent doing homework. As more homework piles up on students, they become distant from everyday life. With students not having enough time to interact with other students, they lose touch on how to build social skills that aren’t related to doing homework. Social skills are important when going to college, and getting a job. Learning to communicate with others is important to solving
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Students began to stress themselves out because they are worried about making and maintaining a respectable grade. As teachers push students to go to college, the pressure surmounts because now they believe that getting the excessive homework done on time is the only way that they will go to college. Also, an increase in stress leads to health related problems such as high blood pressure, and can affect the sleeping patterns of students. As a result, students now complain of headaches, and many students fall into depression because they are not able to cope with the added pressures of school, more so, excess
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