Too Many Teenage Parents

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Every year numerous amounts of young people all over the United States are becoming teenage parents. The parents of these young children and the government have a common goal due to the situation. They believe teenagers should be educated on the topic of sex. However they come to a disagreement on how this should happen. Some people believe that schools should start having sex orientation “sex ed’’ classes or health classes that mainly focus on the safety and the risks of their actions. Others believe that the method of abstinence should be taught to the teens. Therefore this situation has caused another war among our country. Upon this war becoming to public some parents raise their issues with the situations. Some parents believe that they should be the ones to educate their children. While schools believe having an actual class on the subject would be more effective. The issue clear, but another issue is how to approach it. Because if a mistake is made in the education by whoever is teaching can possibly raise curiosity and all that work could have been for nothing. Therefore this paper will included the pros and cons on the war of sex orientation due to the teachings of sex educational classes and abstinence.
What is the difference between sex education and abstinence?
Sex education is a term used to describe education about sexual intercourse, sexual anatomy, sexual reproduction and other aspects of human sexual behavior. Schools that offer sex education class (sex ed) often try to educate students so that they will not go out in the world without knowledge of such activities. Teenagers often have an idea what it is but may not understand it or know of the health risks of the sexual action. Therefore thes...

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...t. Therefore the school district should not make sex orientation mandatory but optional. That way it reserves the right for parents to allow certain materials not to be taught to their children for their own reasons. The issue on whether if the method of abstinence should be taught to teenagers are clear. If abstinence has shown great results than it should be taught to teenagers along with the lessons and materials that go along with sex orientation. Approaching the matter of sex orientation is clear. It should be taken head on so that nobody gets scared of the topic. If the topic of sex orientation frighten people than it is the job of the educator to make sure that their worries are met. Therefore the pros of having a sex education class that teaches everything that includes birth control, condoms and the many sexually transmitted diseases will outweigh the cons.
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