Too Many People are Dying from Starvation

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Starvation is a big problem in certain places. 1 in every 6 people face hunger in the world. Most of these people are children and people who live in developing countries. Since countries are not ready to produce food for the people there is not enough. Children are the most vulnerable because their weak, small and their bodies haven't fully developed yet. Out of the 925 million peopects about 925 million people in the world. Due to overpopulation, many people are dying from lack of food. There aren’t many things we can do to help these people who are strugglle starving 1.5 million of them are children. Africa, Haiti, and Ethiopia have a large number of people suffering from starvation. Haiti has 5.0 million people are facing food shortage, that is 44.5 percent of Haiti’s population. Ethiopia has a much larger amount of people dealing with starvation, 34.0 million which is 40.2 percent of the population. More than 2500 children die each day in Africa.

Many people are starving for many different reasons. Overpopulation is the number one cause of starvation. There are too many people in one area so they cannot feed them all from the lack of food. In developing countries most are struggling economically to provide enough food and jobs. Those who are not employed is the majority of the people with families that are suffering from hunger.

The short term consequences of starvation are terrible. More and more people are dying from this each day. In this year we are expected to lose 7,615,360 people from hunger. That is a ton of people that need our help. A person dies every 3.6 seconds. About 20 people have died in the time it took to read this.

There are physical and long term consequences of starva...

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...and raise so much money.

The kids in the schools will also be given a box for spare change that they find in the car or on the ground so they can save up and be

a part of this amazing experience in helping the people in need. It will make them feel as if they are included. When they fill up their box they will dump it into a giant container in their school. It will be fun for the kids to see how full they can get the container and maybe even fill it up . It will be a fun activity for all the kids.

Starvation is a serious problem thats taking out people by the millions., it needs to come to a stop. We can help stop starvation and help all the people who need us. There are terrible long term and short term consequences. Overpopulation causes many things and starvation is one of them. There are so many things we can do to try and stop this so lets try.
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