Too Many McFatties

The United States has been known for the large population of our overweight adults. Now our adults are not our only problem; the youth of our nation have taken on the awful eating habits of their parents, aunts, uncles, and even peers. There's not just one explanation of why our children have been getting so big. The reasons range from genetics to socioeconomic status. Sadly, this often un-talked about issue refers to both children and adolescents, thus the term "childhood obesity." Generally when the word "child” is used, it refers to someone six to eleven years of age, and when the word "adolescent" is used it, typically refers to someone 12 to 17 years of age. Those age ranges seem very, very young to be talking about obesity, but the problem is very real for Americans in that age range.

Much of our culture in America today is based on media and the people involved. The marketing of fast food restaurants is constantly running on television, radio, and internet advertising, so wanting that type of food is running through the average American's mind all the time. In America, many busy people usually choose to eat fast food, due to lack of time and energy, instead of a healthier alternative. The problem is contributing to the demise of health in America. With today's busy society and America's growing fast food marketing companies, people eat more fatty foods than ever before. Companies spend billions of dollars marketing food, drinks, and meals to children and youth (Mackey). So when you ask a kid what they want to eat, they will choose the food they have seen on television.

Americans also show lack of willpower toward choosing healthy meals, which could be responsible for rising obesity. Overeaters now find themselves in the...

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...for the foods they sell somewhere so you can see what the food you’re eating has in it, and maybe make better choices. All of these things help. I don’t know how long it will take before the numbers for obese people start going down. Bad food will always be available, so everyone needs to learn to be responsible for what they eat and how much they exercise. That’s the only way to fix the problem.

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