Toni Morrison's Sula - The Judgment of Sula

The Judgment of Sula

Toni Morrison first took the stage as a writer in 1970 with her book The Bluest Eye. In 1973 she published her second novel Sula, and she has been writing ever since. Sara Blackburn reviewed Sula for the New York Times when it first made its way onto the scene, and while she did offer a nice plot summary, her review seemed to carry a message addressed to Morrison rather than to the reader.

Blackburn begins her article by discussing Morrison's first book, The Bluest Eye, claiming that because of the women's movement The Bluest Eye attracted more attention than it would have and that it was read uncritically because people were pleased with a new talent and ignored the flaws of the book (par 1).

According to Blackburn, her article is dedicated to not making the mistake of glossing over Morrison's flaws with Sula. She believes that the setting of is almost the same as that of The Bluest Eye, but that it is a "more preciseicy version" of Morrison's first novel. She also states that she feels that Sula, placed in the pa...
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