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Who Knew Chloe Anthony Wofford born to George Wofford and Ramah Willis Wofford on February 18, 1931 in Lorain, Ohio would be the first African-American woman to win the Nobel Prize in Literature. What a remarkable accomplishment! Chloe Anthony Wofford is recognized today as Toni Morrison. Morrison was the second of four children born to George and Ramah Wofford. Morrison grew up during a time where racism was a prominent way of life for many Americans. However, Morrison was fortunate to have been nurtured in an integrated neighborhood. She was the only African-American in her Kindergarten class and the only student that could read. Obviously, there was no reason for Morrison to feel inferior amongst her classmates. Morrison’s parents expected greatness from her and her siblings, even is society did not. (Toni Morrison biography- Facts, Birthday, Life Story-Bio..., 2014)
Morrison was really dedicated to her education as a youth; she read countless amounts of European Literature and studied Latin. She graduated with honors from Lorain High School at the age of 18. Morrison went on to attend Howard University where she continued to pursue her love for literature. She chose English as her major and classics as her minor. Morrison went on to further her education at Cornell University after graduating from Howard. Once she completed all her schooling, Morrison went on to teach English at Texas Southern University. Almost two years later Morrison went back to her home town to teach English at Howard University, her alma mater. There Morrison met Harold Morrison, a Jamaican architect to whom she later married. Soon after, the Morrison’s gave birth to Harold the first of two sons. Morrison began to write shortly following Harold’s birt...

... middle of paper ... “Paradise” in 1988, “Jazz” in 1992, “Love” in 2003, and “A Mercy” in 2008. (Byam, 2013) (Toni Morrison biography- Facts, Birthday, Life Story-Bio..., 2014) (Editors, 2014)
Toni Morrison is admired by many because she writes freely and opens the eyes of many, always teaching African-American people to be proud of their heritage. In her work she promotes positive self-growth to her readers by keeping them in touch with their practical tradition.

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