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We believe money is a big part of life, although for the most part it is, its still just a piece of paper and controls the whole world. Sadly many students who attend high school who most likely have a bright future decide to fail and drop out because they feel money will come without an education. This is so not true. Some students are just lazy, fall to far behind, or simply lack motivation. Not only students have fault for failing or dropping out but they school they attend may induce them to take these actions. The effort students put into school is as much effort a turtle puts in a race, none.
Drop outs or failure amongst students has been around for a long time.Maybe not as big as a problem as it is now but still has history. Our generation has become lazier and bigger procrastinators. Frequently students are unfocused due to thinking the subject they are learning is boring or not interesting . Students tend to ask, when will i need this is life? Is this important? In other words they find excuses to put something to the side, only for their argument they have better things to do. The lazier they get the more behind they get in class which leads them to having really low grades. Even though they have resources to bring their grades up they rather not and just fail.
Often the way adults, parents, or even teachers use to push students achievement increase the lack of motivation they may have. Forcing and nagging students to raise their grades up and excepting for the most out them is where the problem usually begins. Phrases such as: you are better than that, is that all you can do?, or even trying to cancel an important event for the student may cause negative response in one being the motivation they put into school. Seems...

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...dents to return. It will also give them less reason to day dream or zone out. As to procrastinators it's a matter of them to have will power to put things aside that distract them from school work such as t.v, music, maybe even friends. The problem is students have way to much time in their hands and decide not to invest it in something that actually matters.Two ways of fixing the problem of bad schools would be, removing the student out of the school and making your voice be heard. Solutions always begin when only one person decides to speak up.
Changing our schools and lifestyles will improve students view on their future.The students who decide to fail will no longer have that option.

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