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If you like listening to really good “pump you up” then you should seriously consider jamming out to Tom Morello, or one of his numerous bands. ‘“Woody Guthrie, the godfather of activist folk singers, adorned his guitar with a hand-written slogan: ‘This Machine Kills Fascists.’ More than a half-century later Tom Morello, a rock guitar god turned a protest singer who says he would like to be the Black Woody Guthrie, has scrawled his own battle cry on a scuffed six-string: ‘Whatever It Takes.’” (Anderman F13). This fifty year old electric guitarist played in many bands such as Rage Against the Machine, Audio Slave, and many others. The contributions to music demonstrated by the career of Tom Morello proves beyond a doubt that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should induct this musician. His worthiness of this honor is shown in his influence, support of other bands and charitable organizations.
The main reason Tom Morello should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is because of how his philosophy of music influences history. Tom Morello believes that music influences the social and political aspects of the world. He states “I try to craft songs that are going to be valuable artistically and try to infuse them with a message.” (Anderman F13). Philosophically Morello Believes that the youth of the country has the ability to change history through music however they so choose. (Anderman F13). Morello’s music infuses musical artistic ability with radical politics. In his musical tour as the Nightwatchman he puts activism together with his music. Morello strongly believes “There’s never been a successful, progressive, radical, or revolutionary movement in this country that hasn’t had a great soundtrack.”. (“Tom M...

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...use he has influenced society with his music, has proven himself with his many achievements, and has contributed to society through his many charitable organizations. His experience and awards demonstrate qualities necessary for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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