Tom Diggidy

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Once upon a time, there lived a handsome young lad named Tom Digiddy. He lived with his great grandfather, Alfred, and 3 boastful brothers: Jonathan (John), March, and Eric. Unlike his grandfather, Tom’s brothers were jealous of Tom’s appearance; beautiful blonde hair, Hazel eyes, and light color skin. Tom’s brothers hated him for it. They’d always be treating him badly and had taken advantage of their poor grandfather, who mostly stays in his bed, and the fact the Tom is a nice lad, knowing that he won’t tell about how they’ve mistreated him.
One day, they were invited to the king’s palace for a masquerade ball. But Tom’s brothers wouldn’t let him go. They had made him go fetch their suits and masks, making him shine all their shoes, leaving him home with their grandfather.

Tom felt very sad, but knowing that his grandfather would be home alone. He’d rather stay home and watch him than leave his poor grandfather unattended.

He sat next to his grandfather, sighing. “My boy, why didn’t you go to the ball? I heard you’re brothers talking about it. I know about how much they have mistreated you, but I left it alone. Wondering when you’d come and tell me. You need a break my son.” Grandfather Alfred ruffled Tom’s head. “But grandfather…” Tom tried to protest. “My boy, go to the ball. You’re grandfather will be fine. Just here.” Grandfather Alfred pointed at a drawer, “Open that up and take the smallest box you can find.“ Tom did as he was told and opened the drawer up, looking for the smallest box he could find. There he had found the smallest box, taking to his grandfather. “This boy… Oh, how this brings me back.” Grandfather Alfred opened the box, revealing its contents. “A ring?” Tom looked confused. “Not any ring. A magical r...

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...king towards the kettle and started to brew the tea.

After some time, Tom walked into the living room. As he turned to look at the guest, he jump, surprised that the guest is the prince. “Ah, my boy…” Grandfather Alfred smiled wide as Tom walked in, “Won’t you please serve the tea?” “Yes grandfather.” Tom’s faces redden a little bit. He placed the tray of tea on the table, which sat in the middle of the room, pouring the tea into the tea cups. The prince’s eyes were fixated on Tom, following him as he moved. Tom walked over to the prince, serving him first “Your highness…” He bends down, giving the price his tea, but as he did Tom’s necklace slip out of his shirt. “You…” The prince grabbed Tom by the shoulder, pulling him for a kiss, “I found you!” Tom blushed hard, “I guess you did.” He gave the prince a kiss back, leaving everyone, but his grandfather baffled.
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