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Tolstoy said that in Anna Karenina he wanted to portray a woman who was not guilty, but only pitiable. Does he achieve this? How or how not? Support your answer by references to specific wording from the novel and by using concepts from the psychology readings and lectures.

In the book “Anna Karenina”, Anna Karenina is an aristocratic married woman who is thirsty for the true love. She is very emotional honesty person who makes herself an outlier in the society. One day, she falls in love with military officer named Vronsky. Anna then have an adulterous affair with Vronsky, which catapults her into social exile, misery and suicide. In the novel, Tolstoy successfully made Anna’s character as a pitiable character rather than the guilty person. In this novel, Tolstoy goes in depth in the Russian high society class, which leads readers to understand Anna’s affair with Vronsky rather than denounce her affair. Author then addresses four major problems in the High society class in Russia. Those four problems that Tolstoy stated are ideal view of family in Russian society, two-faced people, depraved culture, and limited freedom and choices available to women. These problems lead to understanding of the reasons why Anna fell in love with Vronsky and then killed herself at the end of the story.
One of the first factors that caused Anna to have an affair and lead her to death is the conceptual type of family in Russian high society in that time period, which can be explained as harmonious family portrayed to others but in reality they are just acting to look happy. In this story, Anna does not really love Karenin, her husband. Karenin is characterized as person who is well respected by others and successful in that time period in Russi...

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...ltery is a morally corrupted action and cannot be justified, but Tolstoy do not talk about dirty affair relationship of Anna with Vronsky. He talks about the reasons that lead Anna to leave her family to find her true love, but at the end she ends her life by running into the train. Tolstoy, as mentioned earlier, states that ideal view of family in Russian society, fake interactions with people, depraved culture, and limited freedom and choices available to women has lead Anna to live her family even though she did not wanted to if Karenin was true to her and cared about her. Anna could be considered as poor sufferer from Russian society and her affair or break away from this society could be understood as to live her true life instead of life that is repressed by the society. That is why Tolstoy successfully portrays Anna as pitiable person rather than guilty one.
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