Tokyo Riots

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Tokyo Riots The heaving mass of people pushed and hurled abuse at the front line of the riot police. There were hundreds of them, some of them genuine, protesting for something they feel is right, however, others just want trouble. The police know that they can only strive to prevent a disaster, they cannot stop one, only contain it and the problem is that the rioters know this too. They also know that the police cannot kill them or even harm them, their only weapon is arrest. The wave of pushing against the police teams shields drones on and on gradually getting larger and more powerful. The police officers faces are etched with fear as they attempt to hold back the swarm of people. Their attempts were failing, they were becoming tired and sub-consciously hurt by the comments being fired at them. It wouldn't be long until their wall of resistance would be smashed. Suddenly, in the corner of the team commander's eye through his grid locked riot helmet he could just see one of his men fall to the ground as the rioters penetrated the line. This was the signal to the rioters, chaos broke out immediately, action had to be taken. Everyone began fighting each other, vandalising property and attacking the police. The police were vastly outnumbered and had to think quickly. Re-enforcements ran into action attempting to push the rioters back out and arrest the offenders. Police vans were constantly escorting arrested rioters to the police station. Overhead, a helicopter surveyed the riot searching for instigators and known criminals so as to alert the troops below. "Hotel Echo Lima India to ground patrol, main instigator and drugs... ... middle of paper ..., I doubt that. For you see, I'm not really here…" and with that Willis well… vanished. Was there a crime? Two shadows danced in the shadows as its two matching figures walked hand in hand down the dimly lit back alley. Gone was the rubbish dump but the stench of downtown Tokyo clung to the walls as though it had been burnt by the hot sun of many scorching days only to be cooled by the sticky hot nights that hid all dark and devious deeds. As the previous two figures passed under the soft orange glow of a nearby streetlamp their faces emerged from the darkness that had previously smothered their features. One was a man and one was a woman. The man in his forties, although he looked sixty-odd, and the woman had dark brown shoulder-length hair and…a tattoo on her left shoulder of an elaborate red dragon.
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