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Tokushimas History and Culture Tokushima is rich in history and culture. The culture of Tokushima lives on throughout daily of that prefecture. Shikoku was once two territories, one called Awa, and the other Naga before it became now Tokushima. The two territories joined together to become known as Awa after the Taika Reform in 645. Kokufu region that is now present day Tokushima City, was the centre of Local politics. During the medieval age the Sasaki Clan and Ogasawara Clan were appointed as feudal lords of Awa by the government in the Kamakura Era. The Hosokawa clan soon gained influence and became lords of Awa during the Muromachi Era (1336-1573). Miyoshi controlled Awa during the Onin war. Its power started to extend to Kinai. It declined later on and was handed off the Chosokabe clan, from Tosa, who now controlled Shikoku. Hideyoshi, who wanted to unify the whole of Japan after the defeat of the Chosakabe Clan, appointed Lemasa Hachisuka as the feudal lord of Awa. The castle that surrounded the city where the Hachisuka Clan resided it was the center of politics and culture. T...

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