Tobacco Should Be Banned Case Study

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Tobacco Advertising Ban : India Case Study

The ban on tobacco in India had a very positive message in regards to the citizens. The motivation was understood to be the citizen’s wellbeing, and creating the right foundation to start anti-tobacco campaigns along with new rules and regulations for users. The government felt responsible for the welfare of their citizens since the product is one of the most dangerous on the market, killing users constantly. The government chose to act ethical on this issue rather than commercial, where they could have easily benefitted from the taxing and sales of tobacco. There are plenty of statistics to reassure the government and the people of the ban. One shocking statistic being the number of tobacco related
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In similar cases, people considered this intrusion from the state into their personal lives. People resent government control when they feel it infringes on their freedom of choice. Countries like France, Norway, and Finland experienced resistance and protesting amongst some citizens when the bans came into act. The ethical aspects of whether India’s government should be able to police the recreation habits of citizens came into question. It also raised the thought that regardless of the ban, users will continue to use. There was a strong debate on how much of an impact the ban would really have. In some cases, censorship actually leads users to increase their normal intake. People opposing the ban believed that in a way the state was saying smokers do not have the mental capacity to realize they are harming themselves with their choice to smoke. In a way, this can make the decision of the state seem unethical when considering the voice of the citizens. This makes it seem as though the state did not consider the decision to ban smoking from the perspective of the people, which falls under one of the key steps in ethical decision making. The other negatives of the ban in india has to do with employment. Right now, the tobacco industry provides employment for 26 million people. With the ban on advertising, marketing and advertising sectors of tobacco
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