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Mohamed, S., & Janakiram, C. (2013). Periodontal status among tobacco users in Karnataka, India. Indian Journal of Public Health, 57(2), 105. Retrieved on April 4, 2014, from In this research article, males and females in Karnaka State, India participated in a study to figure out whether tobacco is a risk factor for periodontal disease. A cross sectional study was done with tobacco users and non-tobacco users. There were a total of 2,156 subjects aging from 35-44 years old. The subjects filled out a questionnaire documenting their oral hygiene and tobacco use and were assessed for two days. There were four groups: tobacco users, non-tobacco user, Ex-user and occasional user. The results of the questionnaire were as followed; 51.9% were males, smoking habit was only found in males. 68.9% were tobacco users and 31.1% were non tobacco users. 1.4% of occasional users and 0.5% of ex-users were merged with tobacco and nontobacco users since it was a small percentage. Among smoking tobacco users, 59.0% and 41.0% were beedi and cigarette smokers. Paan with tobacco consumption 49.7% was the most popular form of chewing habit among tobacco followed by the chewing of gutkha use 27.1%, plain tobacco with lime consumption 14.3% and pan masala with tobacco 8.9%.
The conclusion for this study was that the risk of periodontal disease was almost 100% with over 40% with excess calculus and 50% with loss of attachment. The subjects with smoking and chewing tobacco have an adjusted risk odd ratio (OR) of 1.6 and 1.7 risk for periodontal disease. The subjects who consume both forms of tobacco have an OR of 3.29 of getting p...

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...emselves after a point. He passed away because of a heart attack caused by his clogged arteries. I grew up seeing my grandpa go through the struggle of being addicted to tobacco. Not only does it harm the person it hurts the family around them. The constant bickering and battles to help my grandfather will never leave my memory. I truly believe that one does not need something, they simply just want it. I think if teenagers and young adults were well educated about how bad smoking was for them, they would never start. I think schools should put more of an effort in such topics because it really can save a lot of lives over time. No one wants to be sick, and when you have a choice to make yourself a better and healthier person then why choose to do the opposite. Everyone has their own body to take care of, so keep it healthy and enjoy this beautiful life given to us.

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