Tobacco And Tobacco Use

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Emma Zielinski English 10 Ms. Perry 5 May 2014 Tobacco Use Tobacco and smoking awareness is important because not many people know or care about the side effects if it's use. To help people learn about tobacco and smoking, there are commercials advertising the effects of tobacco, as well as organizations to provide people with further knowledge of tobacco. If more commercials aired everyday, more attention would be brought to the unhealthiness of tobacco and smoking, because of the use of television throughout the world. Smoking often can lead to multiple heart diseases, and in conclusion to those diseases, a heart attack or stroke may develop (“Smoking and Health Problems”). Even though its obvious that smoking isn’t the best for a persons health, how much do people really know? This is issue is huge among numerous people. Even if someone is not smoking, being in the presence of someone who is smoking could impact the non-smokers health. The use of tobacco can cause around eleven different types of cancer, including cancer of the mouth, cancer of the throat, and leukemia (“Smoking and Health Problems”). “If you are a regular smoker, you are 250 times more likely to killed by its effects before you are 65 than you are to be murdered” (Ward 17). Almost instantly after the intake of smoke from a cigarette, the teeth are left with a film changing then to a dingy, dirty color. Opposite from a short-term effect, an endless repercussion of inhaling tobacco is the thick, dark tar it leaves behind in person’s lungs after each use of a cigarette (Beil). Altogether, smoking is unhealthy and can cause many health issues, if a person knew about all the effects of tobacco and smoking, they may change their mind about picking up their next ci... ... middle of paper ... of the substance. Even though smoking isn’t the best for you, how much do people care to learn about the effects of tobacco? Its important to understand why tobacco and smoking are unhealthy, and what they do to the human body. There are substitutions to smoking tobacco, but are those substitutions helping the average smoker when it comes to quitting? If a law were to pass, tobacco use would decrease and possibly save many lives. This could take years, but some holes are easier to patch than others, and the wait could be worth it. Works Cited Beil, Laura. “What Smoking Does To Your Body.” Women’s Health Magazine. Rodale Inc., 2014. Web. 15 April. 2014. “Smoking and Health Problems.” Answer-my-health-, 2008-2014. Web. 17 April. 2014. Ward, Brian R.. Smoking and Health. London: Franklin Watts, 1986. Print

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