Tobacco And Tobacco

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Tobacco and alcohol consumption has been linked to a variety of medical problems. “In the United States alone, over 440,000 people die annually from smoking tobacco” (Tobacco Products.) By making the cost of unhealthy behavior prohibitive, we hope to produce a healthier society. Sin tax is used for taxes on activities that are considered socially undesirable. Common targets of sumptuary taxes are alcohol and tobacco, and gambling. I believe that Drinking and smoking are not sins, but if the effects of using them in excess have caused other Americans to pay more for medical care, I think we should impose higher taxes on them as to discourage their use. In moderation, tobacco and alcohol have few ill effects, but when overused they hurt more people than just the user. I also think that raising sin taxes will benefit the government and the lower class of people. Being able to afford their healthcare and the government will enhance its healthcare to facilitate a larger scale of people.
I would like to address my fellow conmen when I hear some talking about how it’s one’s decision to smoke and harm him and its personal and freedom of choice. Well, my response to that is what kind of example will they are setting to the new generation? We need a bright and healthy generation to build and construct and healthy future. Raising taxes on alcohol and tobacco kills the desire to try since its too expensive; therefore one can’t be addicted to these drugs without trying them. Not raising taxes on these products is promoting the usage in a way.
The idea behind the proposed increases is to tax products that contribute to rising medical costs. Alcohol abuse is a risk factor in several types of cancer, liver disease, and psychological problems....

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...nfluence a whole generation in terms of productivity and power of the whole society. The availability of cigarettes on daily basis will surely make it easier for everyone being adults or youth to go along the trend observed by his peers or even parents. The business can get effect, but that would be limited to the sin industry rather than any other industry that will nourish even more. Even though taxes may be unwelcomed by many, yet one can conclude that after thorough research taxes can be of so much benefit in spite of its disadvantages stated above. To conclude one can say, that taxes are not always added on essential items, but they can be enforced on bad habit causing products that include alcohol and tobacco to help reduce their use. Everything from passing laws to promoting national policies would not exist without the tax money needed to meet expenses.
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