Tobacco Advertising And Its Effect On Society

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Tobacco advertising lure young people into believing smoking is fashionable without realizing the dangers attached to tobacco. Tobacco causes cancer; I would support any government, including the Indian government that will increase tobacco tax both on advertising and all tobacco products. Tobacco is one of the most dangerous consumer product known, which kills when used as the makers ' intended. Thus from an ethical standpoint, the Government has to discourage the habit, because it has responsibility for the welfare of its citizens. The banning of all forms of tobacco advertising and promotion can be regarded as a central platform of comprehensive tobacco control policy. For example, Australia has high tobacco taxes. Tobacco cannot be sold publicly displayed by any retailer. Tobacco is locked away in cabinets and lung cancer pictures on display cigarettes boxes. India’s tobacco advertising is an attempt by producers of goods and services to persuade current and potential consumers to continue or start purchasing. Their intention of advertisers is to portray products in ways that will maximize their desirability to potential consumers. Now, lets focus our attention on the ethics of advertising by drawing a distinction between its informative and persuasive functions, arguing that pure 'information ' in advertising is 'moral ' because it facilitates rational decision-making and choice. However, 'persuasive ' advertising is argued to be unethical because, it affects consumers’ thinking by convincing them to buy goods, which they do not need or want. Smoking can be a very addictive behaviour which is quiet difficult to stop According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “tobacco accounted for over 3 million deaths in 1990, the ... ... middle of paper ... way to eliminate the negative health and economic effects of tobacco use. Finally, despite the bad publicity tobacco advertising causes. I think most government’s economies will have set back in income from tobacco taxes. If the precaution is taken and clearly set rules are put in place. That way the government is not making decisions for its citizen but caution them on the dangers of such habits References:
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