To what Extent has Gothic Literature Continued or Changed from the 18th Century to Present Day?

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Fig 1.7

Whereas, compared to diagram 1.6, diagram 1.7 emphasizes the importance and popularity of the fantasy genre as 36% of male and females find this a thrilling and fascinating read to entertain them. However, what is interesting is that classic has 13% of people reading these books. However it is not very specific about what kind of classical books that these people are reading. This is also the case for General Fiction, which has 17% where it is not specific enough to specify what kind of genre is entertaining and applicable for readers that are interesting for them.

However, unlike item 1.6 the horror genre and the Sci-Fi genre did not seem to make it on the list which indicates that at this time there were not popular enough for readers to find interest and enjoyment in reading these types of genres. Therefore, it is evident to say that in 2010 to 2011 there were some people who favored the fantasy genre more than the horror or Sci-Fi genre. Even though Sci-Fi and Horror are elements or sub-genres of the gothic novel it is losing its popularity in the 21st century which is suggestible with the statistics showing that some people prefer other genres opposed to horror/Sci-Fi.

Although, the biggest factor that contributes gothic literature to lose its popularity is because of the sub-genre horror films that win audiences over. For instance:

Fig 1.8
Item 1.8 demonstrates that the type of horror including vampires, zombies and werewolves have the highest percentage of 10% than any other category. This is important because for someone people they like horror when the movies involve 18-20th century characters which have been written been some of the greatest writers. Therefore the ‘monsters’ or villains are still as ...

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... subtle and not-so-subtle depictions of society and the truth that lurks in that society of that time. However, when compared to the 21st century, no form of reading is ever determined ‘dangerous’, arguably, for the young to read. As a civilized society we accept different forms of reading whether it is dark or an especially happy ending we have developed an open mind to consider whatever kind of literature to read. For those who are not interested in literature are encouraged to read the novels that the films have depicted. Either way, gothic literature is still immensely popular whether it is depicted in film, TV, music etc. there will always be a fascination with the art, architecture or history of gothic literature or the ‘gothic’ in general – children, teenagers, adults are fascinated with gothic literature in the different variations that appeals to them.
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