To build a Fire

The story “To Build a Fire” by jack London is one of the most famous stories of survival in the wilderness. The story is about a man leaving a camp to walk to another camp at a temperature of 75 degrees below zero, with an Alaskan husky dog as a companion. The story takes place in the past and was written in 1908. The man in the story is purposely not given a reputation, as the deterministic environment is additional more necessary than his free will and individuality. His aim at the start of the story is to reach the camp to meet "the boys," presumptively to prospect for gold.
The man's greatest deficiency, resulting in his death, is his inability to think about the long term consequences of present actions or fact. The trouble with him was that he was without imagination. He was quick and alert within the things of life but only in the things and not in the significance. London describes how the extreme cold does not make the man meditate upon mortality. More pertinently, the man does not notice that building a fire under a spruce tree may be dangerous. The plot in this story is one of a man trying to conquer the last frontier.
Through this plot he shows how one needs to keep in mind that, despite how much we predict that we can control something, we are still at nature's fate. Nature's scorn is shown when the central character, after passing through the foremost dangerous areas of "ice springs," thinks that he’s home free. Then he stepped one pace forward into a puddle of shallow water that goes up to his knees, and gets frostbite on his feet and loses his matches. When the man thinks that he is home free again and his fire is started and will soon be drying him, it’s put out by snow on the same tree that has given him the bra...

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...eaths of iron halfway to the knees and the moccasin strings were like rods of steel all twisted and knotted” and “a good idea, he thought, to sleep off the death it was like taking an aesthetic.”
In conclusion the story is about a man’s struggle to make it in 75 below temp and making a fire is the only way for him to survive. London shows the theme of ruggedness by how the man seems to have no fear of a temperature of fifty below zero. The story teaches the readers that even though we may want to travel alone in the outdoors, we should always travel with some friends or stay within our limits. The man in the story is making a nine-hour trek across the frozen Yukon with only his dog in the biting cold, but after many calamities he freezes to death. He knew he was going to die if he didn’t get warm soon enough, but the cold got the best of him by freezing his arms.

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