To What Writer would you award a prize?

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If you were in charge of giving a prize to a writer, what would the prize be for and to whom would you give it? This topic is quite difficult for me to write about, mainly because I have such a passion for a variety of authors. I enjoy reading almost any genre and will give any book a chance. The award I have created for English literature is the Cowell Literary Award. This award is generally categorized for books that are a part of the crime/thriller genre. Dan Brown deserves to win the Cowell Literary Award because his style of writing is unique, his books make you question the American government, and a few of his novels will make you think deeply about our country’s history. Throughout The Da Vinci Code, and The Lost Symbol, Brown shows his true capability through writing intense, eye opening novels. To begin, there are many reasons why I believe The Da Vinci Code qualifies Dan Brown to win the Cowell Literary Prize. First off, this book immediately grabs the readers attention by discussing the controversial topic of the Christianity. This subject tends to get the reader thinkin...

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