To What Extent did Native American Participation in World War I Affect their Attainment of Status

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This investigation seeks to discover whether World War I was the predominant cause of the United States granting citizenship to Native Americans in the early 20th century, or whether this was effected by an ongoing process of acceptance. Citizenship was granted to Native Americans less than a decade after the end of World War I, however, movements to include people of Native American tribal affiliation as full and equal citizens had begun before World War I and continued long after the end of World War I until 1948. I will determine the degree of correlation between the war and the citizenship of Native Americans by researching the status both legal and social from 1853 to 1970 Summary of Evidence To properly understand how The citizenship Act affected the evolving state of Native Americans, as inhabitants of the united states, one must understand the social and legal status of Native Americans leading up to and following the its passage. In 1853, the Gadsden Purchase completed the United State’s Acquisition of the modern day Continental United States. After this, and opinions on Native American tribes shifted from sovereign nations which were to harmoniously co-exist with the United States, to a primitive culture which existed within the its borders of is meant to accommodate to American culture. “Congress began to pass laws on an individual basis that place[d] Indian people under jurisdiction of the United States.” These laws were put in place to acquire and distribute Native American lands to white settlers. Among these were the Dawes Act and the Curtis Act, which sought to redistributes tribal lands to individuals removing a sense of unity between tribes. The Supreme Court rulings of Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock and Cherok... ... middle of paper ... ...war and with it the Citizenship of Native Americans would have also. Bibliography Champagne, Duane. The Native North American almanac: a reference work on native North Americans in the United States and Canada. Detroit, Mich.: Gale Research, 1994. Print. "Helen Hunt Jackson: A Century of Dishonor (1881)." American History. ABC-CLIO, 2014. Web. 12 Jan. 2014 Lomawaima, K. Tsianina. "The mutuality of citizenship and sovereignty: the Society of American Indians and the battle to inherit America." The American Indian Quarterly 37.3 (2013): 333+. Student Resources in Context. Web. 19 Dec. 2013. Parman, Donald L. and Lewis Meriam. "Lewis Meriam's Letters during the Survey of Indian Affairs 1926-1927 (Part 1)." Arizona and the West 24, 3 (Autumn, 1992), 253-280. Reyhner, Jon. "Native People and Assimilation." American History. ABC-CLIO, 2014. Web. 12 Jan. 2014.
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