To Teach Or Not To Teach Grammar In The Primary School Classroom: That Is The Question

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“To Teach Or Not To Teach Grammar In The Primary School Classroom: That Is The Question” English is the second language in Malaysia, has been included as an official syllabus and taught as early as primary school education. These subjects must be taken by all students from standard one to form five provides students with the English skills to meet the challenges of a career in the future. The level of a student in English subject usually measured by the ability to listen, speaks, read and write. English can be a very dreaded subject in school. According to the experience and observation in secondary school or primary school, English subject is the lack of attention from students. Why did this happen? If you are a student try to ask yourself, do you love English subject? If you are accustomed to using English at home, of course the subject is not a subject that is difficult for you. However, this subject will give a challenge to the students if there is no guidance from parents or people around. If all parties concerned the importance of English, the problems faced by the students can be avoided. We are aware that learning grammar in the classroom plays an important role in establishing the use of English among students. But it is quite less attention and no emphasis than functional English which more students are asked to create an essay and speaking in English and consequently many Malaysians who are not able to make correct sentences in English. At the start of learning English, mastery of grammar is very important because it is a basic guide for students. This is because, we use grammar every time we read or write or even when we speak. Grammar gives all the rules about how to put words together in sentences. Using the ri... ... middle of paper ... ...n these figures or words. In conclusion, of course, the teachers know the rules of grammar, but its one thing to know them, and another thing to effectively teach them, and send them to the students not only to understand the rules, but also apply them correctly. In some things, teachers and students do not need a book to learn and teach English grammar. At least not in teaching English as a second language. That's not what the students are there for. They do not want to know all of these rules they are not interested. They want to learn English. They want to talk, read, and write in English. So, how do we as teachers of English as a second language grammar teaching them important and give them what we need, instead of boring them to death with the regulations contained in hokum grammar itself. It's actually quite easy to teach grammar in context and in a fun way.

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