To Live: An Analysis Of The Movie: To Live

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1024 words

The movie, To Live, is about the life of Xu Fugui and his family. Fugui is a rich man with a gambling problem. The Chinese Civil War is taking place during the beginning of the movie. When Fugui loses his property gambling, he is forced to join Chungsheng in the business of shadow puppets to make money for his family.. Fugui and Chungsheng are forced to join the army. After most of their fellow troops were killed, Fugui and Chungsheng were captured by the Communist Party. Fugui eventually returns home to his wife and kids, to find that his daughter survived a fever, but can no longer speak. The CCP is now in power of China and Fugui sees the man he lost his property to, being put on trial. The movie jumps to the time of The Great Leap Forward. During this time all steel items were collected by the government. Fugui was allowed to keep …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the movie, to live, is about the life of xu fugui and his family. they are forced to join chungsheng in the business of shadow puppets to make money for their family
  • Analyzes how the movie included historical events and mao zedong's reforms into the plot. the connection between fengxia’s death and the cultural revolution was perfectly linked.
  • Explains that unlike america, the chinese government can censor any material they do not want citizens viewing. the movie portrays china during the time of the civil war.
  • Analyzes how mao zedong's support of the cultural revolution in the movie evokes a sense of obliviousness.
  • Explains that the movie being banned in china sparked a curiosity in them. they decided to look further into what the chinese government censors when it comes to films.

Fugui is forced to burn his shadow puppets, because they represent traditional China. Fengxia, who is the daughter of Fugui, gets married and has a baby. During the birth of her child, Fengxia dies. The nurses did not know what to do and this costed Fengxia her life. The movie concludes with what is left of Fugui’s family sitting down to eat. The plot of the movie showed the rise of the communist party and included two of Mao Zedong’s reforms. The movie does a good job of including historical events into the plot, while not taking away from the movie quality. In fact, the historical events portrayed helped enhance the plot. The connection of Fengxia’s death and the Cultural Revolution were perfectly linked in the plot. Interested in the movie, I did further research. After reading about the year it was filmed and the awards it won, I discovered that the movie is banned in China. This made me question whether the Chinese government should censor the movie. Looking at the movie from the view of Communist China, I understand why the movie is

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