Surviving Nightmares: A Soldier's Recollection

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Sometimes, my good memories were like distant dreams. This wasteland, full of nobodies- heads with no bodies, actually. It was horrific, you could see the mushy giblets of meat fly through the air when a rocket was launched, or even the instant realisation on someone’s face when being demolished by fire. Their screams kept me up at night, the images kept me up at night. I was scared, petrified. I was in a sea full of predators, hiding behind a miniature crate. I squeezed my hat to my chest, my only source of protection, my only comfort. My shotgun disappeared in the heat of battle, I couldn’t even recall when it happened. The only images in my mind were the ones of Spy, when I witnessed his last moments of life. The only sounds I could hear, …show more content…

However, facing death face to face wasn’t what I was expecting to do so early in my ‘career’. I was amidst the battlefield, head to head with the enemy Scout. I would have loved nothing more than to be the ever loving shit out of him- to show him that I was the better scout, that Red Scout would always be the better scout. I would have one, I would have. I underestimated him though- I underestimated his team. The blue’s teamwork was unanticipated to say the least. I was definitely not expecting a medic to join the battle- in fact, I was almost 100% certain he would not. I wasn’t smart at all, and I just assumed he wouldn’t assist a …show more content…

I was frozen in place, I was petrified, I felt fucking stupid. I must have looked like a deer in headlights, I could even feel the strain on my eyes from holding my eyelids open so long. My weapon, slipped from my hand. It was pointless, That’s when Spy came along. He silently snuck up behind the two, not even making a sound. He executed the medic- a smart move. The enemy scout backhanded Spy- he noticed the medics lack of presence instantly. The monster would not relent on Spy, and all I could do was stand there and watch, afraid. Spy gave me a fleeting glance, shouting at me to run. I didn’t. I couldn’t. His next words, were silent to me. The Scout, ever so quick with his movements, managed to snatch Spys knife from his pocket. Tackled him to the ground, and proceeded to stab him over and over again, not even stopping when he ceased to move. There was a crimson puddle of blood forming around Spys body. Scout, who was now satisfied with his kill, sluggishly rose to his feet. I felt numb, my feet wouldn’t move- I was just ogling at my teammates lifeless body. Only when the blood covered Scout stalked towards me, with a twisted smile, did I even think to

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how spy executed the medic and the enemy scout backhanded him. the monster would not relent, and all i could do was stand there and watch.
  • Narrates how their good memories were like distant dreams of a wasteland full of nobodies. they were scared, petrified, and lost their shotgun in the heat of battle.
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