To Kill A Mockingbird Coming Of Age Essay

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“To KIll a Mockingbird,” by Harper Lee is a very engaging, and educational piece, enlightening generations to come. Jampacked with emotions and morals, the book tells a story about a small family in a smaller town in the 1930s. There are many coming-of-age scenes in the book for a plethora of characters. The most noble of these scenes is the scene in the forest where Jem and Scout are attacked. In this essay, the discussion will follow how both Jem and Scout come-of-age in, or as a result of this scene. Before the analysis of how the two characters come-of-age, we must first assess the scene itself. The scene follows Jem and Scout through a thick forest on Halloween night. As they walk in their lonesome, they are attacked without notice. In astonishment, Scout falls over, blinded by her costume. In the heat of the moment, Jem fights off the strange figure as long as he could, giving Scout time to run. Unfortunately, Scout was having trouble collecting herself and as a result, her brother is knocked unconscious. Scout lay helpless of the ground, in fear of her life, when someone, who is later revealed to be Boo Radley, saves her, and grabs Jem and runs to the Finch’s house.…show more content…
Jem could have easily run and left Scout to fend for herself, but instead, he stayed. This is a coming-of-age scene because in risking his own life to save his sister, Jem shows a great level of maturity and thus, coming of age. In this scene, the characters did not have time to assess their situation and react accordingly, like I get to. No. They had to react on instinct, it was fight-or-flight. Jem, in order to save his sister, subconsciously stayed to fight, fight for
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