To Kill A Mockingbird

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Chapter 1: This is the first chapter, the introduction chapter, the pilot. It introduces the main characters, such as Jem, the Narrator’s brother, Dill, who made Boo Radley come out, and Atticus Finch, Jem’s father. It doesn’t, however, introduce the narrator, who is named Jean Louise, but often called Scout. Atticus seems to be an educated criminal lawyer, based on his clients being found guilty of murder. John Hale Finch studied medicine. They all lived in a small place called Maycomb County. The narrator’s mother died, Scout, the narrator, has no memory of her. They found a boy named Charles Baker Harris, Dill. Boo was a troubled child whose parents spoiled him. The boys dare each other to go over to the Radley house and touch it. Chapter 2: Dill left, and school started. Jem accompanied Scout to school. There was a new first grade teacher, Miss Caroline Fisher, a young teacher recently out of college. She was irritated that Scout had learned the alphabet, because Miss Fisher wanted to teach them from scratch, and now it would “interfere with her reading” Later, she asks who has lunches and who goes into town. She offers Walter some money, but he declines because he knows he can’t pay her back. Miss Caroline smacked Scout with a ruler, “whipping her” and sending everyone into a storm of laughter. That disturbed the sixth grade. Chapter 3: Jem invites Walter to their house for lunch, promising that Scout won’t attack him anymore. They go to their house, where Walter pours every bit of syrup on his food. Scout yells at him for having poor manners, which Calpurnia scolds her about, since not everyone gets to eat like they do. Back in school, Miss Caroline screamed at the sight of a live mouse. It belonged to a strange person Sco... ... middle of paper ... ...g. Mr. Radley apparently “Shot a negro” and was waiting for anything, so that he could shoot again. Atticus asks where Jem’s pants were, but Dill says they were playing strip poker and he won them. This surprised Atticus, who didn’t like gambling. At night, Jem goes to get his pants. Chapter 7: Jim was on his period for a while longer. The second grade was similar to first, but worse. You weren’t allowed to read or write, and they still flashed cards. Jem talks to Scout. His pants were neatly folded on that night he came for it, and they had been sewn together. Jem said that school would become better during the sixth grade. He was learning about the Egyptians, and walked like one. Later, they saw something in something in the same tree that they found the gum. There were two beautifully carved figures made in soap. Jem looks at them, and said they were the amazing.