To Drink, or Not to Drink, That is the Decision You Have to Make

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To Drink, Or Not to Drink
Try to remember the first house party you ever went to while you were in high school. I will be willing to bet it was crazy, wasn’t it? There is no party like an out-of-control shindig that contains alcohol and a ton of people who are under legal drinking age limit. Things always get broken, fights break out, people cry or pass out, people do things they will regret the next day, there is always that one inevitable person that throws up everywhere, and if the cops don’t show up to shutdown the party, it is a success. You hear about alcohol abuse all the time, from friends, the news, and on the internet, but you probably never question why it happens, until it happens near you. I honestly think that the drinking age limit should be lowered, especially considering what teenagers are exposed to, our rights and privileges, and how minors spend their time waiting and sneaking. It was only a year ago, when I heard about a nineteen year old teen that was charged with driving while intoxicated after he crashed a car into two parked vehicles, mailboxes, and an electrical pole late at night in November 2011. Three people were injured but thankfully no one was killed in the accident. It is unbelievable how teenagers are so quick to act like grown-ups and get into adult things, and alcoholism is the worst of them. Teenage alcoholism is the drinking and consumption of alcoholic beverages, among teenagers under the age twenty-one. Seeing it all around me, among friends, family close in age, and in the media has always kept me curious on why we, and the under aged group, do such a thing. Is it for attention? Is it to demonstrate our maturity? Is it even a psychological thing? Or is it to show we, as young adults, can ha...

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...ill needed some type of alcoholic beverage to really have a good time. Cyril being the man of the hour himself could not even remember much that night before he passed out in his room. Their party made me realize that situations like this occur everyday among teenagers, and that it has to be fixed some how. An old USA Today Magazine article gave some of the best solutions to confront this alcohol problem among a suspected teenager you may know. The article’s advice said “Do not nag, preach, or lecture your child. Chances are the teenager already has told himself or herself everything you may be trying to say. Offer love, support, and understanding.” While these sound like a good approach to confront this problem, I do not feel that this will solve the issue in the long-run. Lowering the age limit for alcohol would be the best solution right now, and for the future.
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