To Die For

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Dying is a hard concept to imagine no matter your age because it is so mysterious yet definite in its course. Nevertheless, dying for someone is an even bigger and further challenging concept to envision let alone make a decision about. For some, this decision may be instantaneous. While for others, it may take some deep thought to decide who is worthy enough in their opinion. Most base their decisions off the personality, characteristics and identity of the individual in question. Generally, you would automatically think of present time and who at this moment is a good candidate to risk your life for. However, this is a reckless decision as my family and friends are old enough to defend themselves and make their own decisions but a child, let alone mine, would be my responsibility. I would choose my future child because they have innocence, potential and would be part of my bloodline.
Innocence is what makes a child. Lacking the innocence of their surroundings they would not be considered a true child rather someone who grew up too fast. Innocence as children is the ability to have ignorance of the world, its evils and responsibility’s. This innocence also gives them a different perspective and opinion of the world until they become old enough to realize the truth. That their surroundings are not as wonderful as it has made to believe and that events going on around them have a false front making reality a harsh truth. Reality is wars, violence, fighting, poverty and differing opinions that is continually changing and shaping our environment. Knowing my child will have this innocence, as most children generally do, make it a characteristic about them that I want to provide, protect and cherish. By dying for this, I am trying to ...

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...heir innocence, future and potential and the fact that they are my family. Their innocence to the world around them needs to be cherished for as long as it can last in the vicious world we live in leaving me willing to die for it to last just a little while longer. Letting them continue their considered ignorance to their surroundings that makes them just so innocent. While their potential and impending future gets us thinking about what could be possible and wanting to keep all possibilities open for achievement. Meanwhile the fact that my future child is family makes them my responsibility in life and it is my duty to lead them to a better, fulfilling life. Dying for them and sacrificing myself would be the right and moral decision to make. This is the only individual I would die for because it is the right thing to do and the only logical decision I had attained.
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