To Build a Personal Computer or Buy a Personal Computer?

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To Build a Personal Computer or Buy a Personal Computer?


This report is going to describe the pros and cons of building a personal computer (PC) and of purchasing a prefabricated one. This will help the reader to create a budget and gain more information about the computer industry. All parts, supplies, tools, and general insight will be given on the proper procedure of building a PC The report will also give generalized information on where and how to go about purchasing a PC.

Based on all of the information that was contributed in this report, it is recommended that the reader choose either example based upon His or Her skills in computer literacy. Another thing that will have to be taken into consideration is the total cost of all parts, labor and tools vs. the total cost of purchasing a PC.

1.0 Introduction

The purpose of this report is to cover all of the proprieties between building and buying a PC All major components will be considered and examples will be given where applicable.

1.1 Scope

This report will show all of the necessary procedures that will be required to successfully complete the task. The outcome will provide the reader with the information to at least understand the concept of the project.

1.2 Sources

Most of the information in this report was gained through means of electronic data. Some other sources were instructors, magazine articles, and catalogs that were used to provide current specifications for needed components.

1.3 Definitions

All terms and components that are mentioned in this report are computer-related terms. They will be outlined in the glossary at the end of the report. Any terms that can be defined will be done in footnotes or captions.

2.0 Overview

The Following sub-sections will provide all of the information that pertains to building a personal computer.

2.1 Current situation

The person who is interested in staying current and having the ease and convenience of a computer must know what options there are before the initial purchase of any type of unit.

2.2 Current options

There are many options to choose from when seeking out a new computer. The industry and technology moves so rapidly that it is hard to find a particular model that will stay current for any given length of time. One available option is for the user to actually assemble and burn in their own computer. The advantages of this are simple. The user will be able to choose what parts will go into the computer, have the opportunity to learn how the computer works while assembling it, and they will have the satisfaction of knowing that the computer was built with their hands.
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