To A Mouse And To A Louse By Robert Burns

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771 words

Important Comprehension of the Studied Poems
(analysis of three messages in To a Mouse and To a Louse by Robert Burns)
It is easy to tell people’s social or economic class by the clothes that they wear or the location at which they live. You can get a pretty clear idea of how much money they make and how they are ranked in class system by looking at them. However, could you tell all that about somebody with your eyes closed? That’s where Robert Burns, the author of To a Mouse and To a Louse, puts an edge on his poetry. He uses dialect that the common folk could understand, making his writings more accessible to a larger crowd. This also brings some authenticity to his work, which he infuses in his poems. Robert Burns expresses three philosophical …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how robert burns expresses three philosophical messages in his poems.
  • Analyzes how burns makes the point to stop worrying about things you can’t change in to a mouse.
  • Analyzes how robert burns addresses the situation of plans getting ruined in to a mouse. all creatures plans have the opportunity to turn and change.
  • Analyzes how burns makes the point that many times we are blind to our own faults in to a louse.
  • Analyzes how the dialect used by burns adds freshness to the readings and helps the reader have a fuller understanding of the text’s meanings.

In this poem, a wealthy lady walks into church late and sits in front of the speaker. Her name is Jenny and she is wearing extravagant clothes that pull people attentions. While sitting behind her, the speaker notices a louse sitting upon her bonnet. This little creature makes the speaker realize that even the wealthy have faults, and if Jenny were to know about the louse she would throw a fit! He then begins to wonder what it would be like to look at yourself from somebody else’s eyes. He says, “O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us! (lines 43-44) What would Jenny think if she could see the bug on her? She would be mortified and realize what a fool she is making of herself with such a bold entrance, when really she isn’t any better than the rest of the congregation. She is not aware of these faults that she possess, but if she could see herself from another's perspective, this would change her outlook on herself and life.
In perspective, both of Robert Burns's poems, To a Mouse and To a Louse, have interesting messages, however these three are the ones that stood out to me. The dialect used by Burns adds a certain type of freshness to the readings and helps the reader have a fuller understanding of the text’s meanings. Comprehending these poems can give the readers a better idea of the messages trying to be conveyed by Robert Burns. Although these poems were written many centuries ago, their meanings are still relevant in today’s society and should be

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