Titus Andronicus Analysis

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Ken Burkhardt, Jr.
Dr. Haley
Intro to Literature
April 4, 2014
Shakespeare and Dante
The reader is introduced to an insight of Titus Andronicus’ cruel nature, after he ignores Tamora’s cry to have her first-born son saved from his sacrifice to revenge the lives of his sons that her Goth people took. This new interpretation of Titus as a ruthless murderer heavily contradicts the reader’s first impression of Titus that Marcus gave the reader. Marcus initially leads the reader to except that Titus is good and honorable man. Titus’ sudden act of violence makes the reader realizes that he has two sides to his character: the relentless warrior and the beloved hero. However as the play unfolds, an individual can realize that everything that occurs throughout the play is connected to the initial sacrifice. It is evident that Titus’ character goes through many changes, the not one but many sides of his personality are revealed.
When Titus Andronicus’ character is studied, a reader can realize that Titus is stuck with conflict when forced to face the decision of choosing personal duties or duties of the state. Early in the play, Shakespeare lays the foundation of Titus’ character. Shakespeare initially sets up Titus to be a loyal patron to Rome. He is the commander of legions and is also a soldier who has dedicated his life to bettering the Roman Empire. Titus’ blind loyalty to Rome can be noticed as the readers discovers Titus’ neglect towards his family. Titus is so interlaced with serving Rome he fails to fulfill his duties as a father. Shakespeare, in a sense wants the reader to reflect on Titus’ character and make the conclusion that ignoring the important things, like family, will result in powerlessness and aloneness. Titus does a...

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... Aaron reveals that he is Satan. Looking deep into Shakespeare's text one can realize that Shakespeare is playing out a battle between God and Satan, where Aaron is Satan, and the little boy is God or Jesus. It is incontestable that Aaron’s satanic ways damage everybody he comes into contact with. He demonstrates his satanic characteristics as he finds joy in every life that he ruins. The little boy on the other hand is truly innocent because doesn’t make a single mistakes throughout the entirety of the play. Because the little boy is never sinful by thought, word, or deed in the play, he can be portrayed as God or Christ. In the movie of Titus Andronicus the little boy ventures off with Aaron’s son. This can be portrayed as God saving His lost child from the dark and sinful grasp of Satan. Maybe this is what Shakespeare is trying to convey in this part of his play.
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