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The Conclusions
Throughout the project, the same question was asked several times: Does a Rorschach test actually work, and can it be manipulated by objects seen before that were stored in the memory? Each time it was asked, the answer became clearer, until the answer was revealed: No. The opinion that had been settled on could have been different if the information were less contaminated by false data caused by incorrect testing, and there were several changes that could have been made to the test. But there were many observations made during the process that were noteworthy and deserved to be broken down and analyzed.
It was observed during most of the trials that most of the observations did not change throughout the trials, no matter what picture was shown beforehand. This is due to the fact that the test subjects made a connection with what they had already seen in the blot, and forgot about the picture shown before. Whenever that specific blot came up, the test subject’s memory immediately recalled the earlier observation he or she had made and decided the blot still l...
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