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The main significant supporter of the Barrio Logan community plan is the Environmental Health Coalition, also known as the EHC. According to the EHC, Barrio Logan is an area especially prone to environmental problems because of the neighborhood’s particular location and the types of industries that surround the area. As the organization claims, the neighborhood is a “land of junkyards, poverty, and substandard housing” that faces “encroachment of industry into residential areas” and overcrowding with an increasing number of residents being restricted to a small vicinity. Due to these preexisting issues, the EHC supports the current Barrio Logan community plan because it enhances the environmental conditions. Alternative 1 was backed by the EHC because the new zoning would create a wider separation between residential area and the industrial area than Alternative 2. The separation is important because the EHC and various Barrio Logan residents claim that the maritime industry is the main party responsible for hurting the neighborhood for years. Specifically, the maritime businesses utilize many heavy-duty diesel trucks that emit strong diesel emissions, and moreover, cause noise and safety concerns for residents. Overall, the EHC is supportive of Alternative 1 because it supports the residential community rather than the harmful businesses that have brought terrible conditions to the Barrio Logan area.
Additionally, individuals from other organizations have been supportive of the proposed Barrio Logan community plan because they believe that the industry have caused too much harm and need to be regulated to a smaller area of the neighborhood to prevent further residential grievances. These people included Barrio Station head Ra...

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...the City Council favored what residents demanded, Alternative 1, without spending enough time calculating the economic effects.
Taken as a whole, though the Environmental Health Coalition has good intentions of supporting residential interests through its backing of Alternative 1, I am not in support of the current Barrio Logan community plan update that the San Diego City Council approved of last September. If the recommendation and voting processes that the City Council underwent were fairer to both competing parties, then I would have been more accepting of the current community plan proposal because then I would know that everyone’s interests would have been equally kept in mind. Overall, I am glad that the citizens of San Diego will have a chance to voice their opinion on this controversy and possibly overturn the City Council’s decisions this upcoming June.
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