Title 4: “Creating a viral video is easy. Just make something funny and send it out online”. Examine the accuracy of this statement with particula...

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Traditional forms of advertising such as TV and newspaper advertisements are becoming more saturated. Marketers need to find more alternative strategies to reach out to its target customers and drive awareness, one of which is Viral Marketing (VM) which has seen remarkable results through the increase of broadband access that facilitated easy access for commercial intent. Consumers are now well-acquired to technological advancement and can have relevant information research through the use of internet. The Hotmail story is a classic example of VM success story (Wilson 2000). There was a clickable link in every email that was sent out and it soon became a hit with over 12 million users in one and a half years (Allen 2008).
The rise of social media platforms made it possible for sharing online content. Online social networking site is described a group of internet-based application that provides opportunities to create and exchange User Generated Content (Kaplan and Haenlein 2010). There are diverse types of applications which include content communities( eg Flickr) and social networking sites (eg Facebook).These platforms allow consumers to be well-connected to each other from different parts of the world.
Social networking sites are varied but typically involve a group of users, where registered users can create their profile. It may contain any information that he/she may deem worthy to be shared with others (eg adding photos) (Kaplan and Haenlein 2010).Users share interesting articles or videos to friends and family( eg sharing articles about useful ways to save money on Facebook).
Registered users may request to be friends with other users. Once accepted, information between them can be shared openly. As they accu...

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