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Growing up, watching cute moves, and seeing the perfect guy find the perfect girl is a part of everyone's childhood. As long as anyone can remember, they’ve seen love, couples and marriage, and hoped that they would one day, find a soulmate, fall in love, and tie the knot. But not everyone can achieve this “utopia” that comes with marriage. Same-sex marriage is the legal bond between two individuals of the same gender, and, when legalized by state, it is entirely equivalent to straight marriage. In the past couple decades, more struggles that the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community go through have been revealed, and in doing so, from 1996 to 2013, the percent of Americans against gay marriage has dropped by 25%. Less people are discriminating every day, but 43% of the United States are still against gay marriage entirely. LGBT youth and teens are bullied constantly, and derogatory terms are thrown around without any thought that using someone’s sexuality as an insult could impact them tremendously, and possibly even drive them to commit suicide. There are almost 40,000 suicides every year, and 30% of all of those are gay or lesbian teens. If everybody stopped their negative attitude and actions toward people of different sexuality than them, suicides could drop drastically. More happy couples would be added to the world, and less people would live feeling unaccepted or outcast. While some believe gay couples should not be able to marry, same sex marriage should be legalized in all fifty states, because it will not affect anyone’s life that is against it, sexuality is caused by a specific molecule, and civil unions are not as meaningful as marriages.
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