Titanic - Story

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Titanic - Story

Hello, my name is Richard Peterson, I am travelling first class, on the Titanic from Ireland, I am moving to New York because I want to make something out of my deep interest in motorcars. I am travelling with my Wife - Mary, Mum - Jean, and brother - John.

On the evening of 11th April 1912 at about 11 O'clock I was having a cup of tea with my wife in our cabin when we felt a rather large shudder. We didn't think much of it at the time as we thought that is could have been anything. Room service knocked at my door requesting to take our rubbish, this was when we asked her what the shudder was. She said, "Don't worry, it was only the propeller hitting a small rock, we just stopped the engines to check that they are ok."

About a quarter of an hour later a crew member came to our cabin and told us to get our life jackets of and to report up to top deck as soon as possible, this is when both my wife and I started to get a bit worried. As instructed we reported to top deck, but on the way up we were asked the man who made the ship what had happed. He said, "We only have 2 hour at the most, I'm afraid to admit, my ships going to sink."

We knew we didn't have much time but enough to easily get on to a lifeboat. So we went back to our cabin and rushed down a cup of tea to stop us from dehydrating as we didn't know how long it would take for another boat to pick us up. Then we went to the restaurant as got some biscuits for us and the other people which would be on our life boat.

With only having 1 hour to spare we rushed as quick as we could to the top deck, we looked everywhere but couldn't find a life boat, then when we got to the other side of the deck we found a lifeboat, we cued up for it, we waited about ten minutes until it got to us, then finally we were one of the last four people to get of the lifeboat, we were cramped up, there were forty people on our lifeboat.

After about half an hour we were terrified, as we were watching the
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