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Fitch 6 In the year of 1912 a historic ship named the Titanic set sail on a remarkable voyage. While the Titanic raised the bar on modern ship sailing during its time period, it also brought an abrupt scare to the industry after its untimely sinking. The titanic took a brief two years to build in an era lacking in modern robotics to help craft the a ship of such magnitude.[footnoteRef:1] While two years seem to be an eternity for most, in the terms of ship building to years is unusually quick. Unfortunately for the Titanic?s passengers this brought a grave ending for its majority. Many view the sinking of the Titanic in a seemingly tragic and negative light, it should rather be viewed as a tragic incident that in turn saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people to come, simply from the lessons which were learned. While the Titanic's tragic sinking is not due to any one failure or complication, the Titanic's sinking in turn …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the captain of the titanic, edward john smith, played a large role in the ship's sinking. captain smith pushed the titanic to its max cruising speed of twenty-three knots.
  • Analyzes how the titanic sank in two and a half hours after colliding with the iceberg.
  • Explains that ships are run off of marine grade diesel, similar to the fuel burned in large tractor trailers. ships such as the oasis and allure of the seas contain six diesel generators which provide electricity for the whole ship.
  • Explains that the titanic raised the bar on modern ship sailing during its time period, but it also brought an abrupt scare to the industry after its untimely sinking.
  • Explains that the titanic sank quickly, but if the lifeboats had been deployed quickly and properly, many lives would have been saved.
  • Opines that the titanic should be remembered as an unfortunate sacrifice that in turn saved the lives of countless others.

Everything from the protocol for safety to the design of the ships were completely overhauled. The Titanic has been used as a platform to help ship designers and the maritime industry allows for much safer marine travel. One of the biggest changes since the Titanic is that cruise ships are required to have enough lifeboats for all of the passengers on board.[footnoteRef:14] Most cruise ships have extra deployable rafts for adequate safety in the event of an accident. On top of having the proper number of lifeboats, cruise ships now are also required to have life vests for everyone on board. These are just some of the changes made as a direct result of the Titanic. In addition to having enough lifeboats, all cruise liners are required by law to complete a successful muster test. A muster test is designed to run through the exact procedure that would be used in the event of a life threatening scenario such as what the Titanic faced. [14:

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